Language of Nepal

Though Nepali (Khaskura bhasha) is the official language or the mother tongue of Nepal, there are as many as 126 listed languages spoken in Nepal. Out of these, three languages, Dura, Kusunda and Waling have become extinct. Apart from Nepali, the other most commonly spoken languages in Nepal are:
•    Awadhi
•    Newari
•    Hindi
•    Bahing
•    Limbu
•    Maithili
•    Mundari

Status of Nepali language
Spoken In    Nepal, India, Bhutan.
Region    South Asia.
Total speakers    35 million approx.
Ranking    57
Language family    •    Indo-European
•    Indo-Iranian
•    Indo-Aryan
•    Pahari (Northern zone)
•    Eastern Pahari
Writing System    Devanagari script

Nepal Bhasa (NB) Speakers in Nepal
Region    Newars    NB Speakers    Retaination
Eastern    148305    40644    27.16
Central    740868    586722    79.19
Western    126455    57999    45.86
Mid-Western    17787    3662    20.58
Far-Western    6197    940    15.16
Total in Nepal    1041090    690007    66.27

Creative literature at a glance
First Story Book     Tantrakhyan (1518 A.D.)
First Song     Walangata Simule Swambaraya (In reign of Pranmol malla, 1523-1550 A.D.)
First One-act Play    Ekadashi Brata (1633A.D.) by Sidhhinarasingha Malla
First Drama     Mooldev Shashidev by Jagat Prakash Malla (1645-1673 A.D.)

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